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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:16 pm    Post subject: Download Pacific Heat

Download Pacific Heat

A group of ragtag Australian agents working hard to recover their reputation in order to prevent having their team shut down.
My first thought when I saw Netflix had created this series was one that has proved commonplace, "Netflix is pretend it could replace Archer." It turns out the shows are quite different. First, the humor of Pacific Heat is faster. A show like archer sets up its funniest moments making them melodramatic and also highly memorable. The charm of Pacific Heat is that if you aren't paying close attention much of the humor breezes by. Second, Pacific Heat doesn't depend nearly as much on sexual humor as Archer does, which, for some, can hinder its immediacy. Personally, I love watching Archer but this change of pace is refreshing.

There has been a strong voice of complaint decrying Pacific Heat for its seemingly blatant racism and sexism. The characters, whether Arabic, German, Russian, Chinese, or otherwise are satirically stereotypical. Additionally, every foreign accent is hilariously mangled. Australians don't exactly have a strong leg to stand on when it comes to phonetics. If this is interpreted as satire, as Archer is, then the blatant offensiveness is understood as mocking not the demographics represented but rather those who view them in such stereotypical terms.

A note on worldview. I am skeptical of US foreign policy, especially as it pertains to the under-regulated use of drone strikes and covert operations. Therefore, I found it both amusing and fascinating how Pacific Heat touches on these issues. For example, in the Desert episode it is easier for the agents to authorize a drone strike than it is to call their boss. Additionally, in an earlier episode, during an interrogation scene the lie detector lets slip that the government hasn't stopped torturing prisoners. It was a nice reminder that there are those who pay attention to alarming trends in intelligence, even if it was intended as a joke.

I am always being told to decipher the hidden curriculum embedded within entertainment. This is because, as is commonly believed by Christians, All entertainment contains a message. Even a show like Pacific Heat, which is intended primarily for amusement, provides an interesting expression of the worldviews of its writers. It is my impression that the writers of this show find the self-importance fueled by over-complicated defense strategists and operatives to be the producer of negative results.

In Conclusion, Pacific Heat is a little more thoughtful than it seems, and I'd say its worth at least the first few episodes.
To start, have to say I am a fan of the creators of the show and their past work like 'the panel' and 'front-line' but have to say Pacific Heat just isn't funny. Lots of denial in other comments about comparing this to Archer, yet every review I've seen make the connection. I have to say before seeing those when this show appeared recently on free to air TV the first thing I thought was this is a pale clone of Archer and I've seen nothing that changes my mind. While I'm not a big fan of Archer if it was a choice between the two I would watch Archer.


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